Do you think you have sleep apnea here is what to look for

There are lots of little tell tell signs that you suffer from sleep apnea. One of the most common ones is having a headache or a migraine all day. Obviously we cannot hear ourselves snoring. For this reason we cannot tell if we might have a snoring related disorder. If you wake up with a dry starchy throat, this is another sign you might also have this. As you sleep and breathe, the air gets forced through your partially closed airway. You may also wake up and not feel fully rested. This is another major sign. While you sleep your body might automatically wake you up since it cannot get the air it needs. This prevents you from getting high quality sleep. This alone can cause a whole host of other medical problems such as brain fatigue and short term memory loss. It also will throw off your bodies natural equilibrium. Sure there are many sleep apnea side effects that we know about. But have you ever wondered what are some of the side effects that we don’t know about? This is the type of disorder that can cause other medical issues. Its very important that it gets treated right away. The longer it goes on this way the more time you allow for other medical issues to pop up. You have to work close with your doctor to run all of the tests and run the diagnostics necessary to determine the proper cure. There are also plenty of remedies out on the market that can be had over the counter.

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